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Is small/medium/large equivalent to 4/8/16 bits of TRACEPKT?

Applies to: ETM7, ETM9


Applies to: ETM7/ETM9

No, this is not a direct mapping.

The small, medium or large refers to the amount of triggering/filtering logic and FIFO size present in the ETM. These have a direct impact on the gate count and size of the ETM, hence the use of small, medium and large to describe them.

The width of the TRACEPKT bus is independent of the configuration.

  • For the small configuration, TRACEPKT can be 4bits or 8bits.
  • For the medium and large configurations, TRACEPKT can be 4bits, 8bits or 16bits.
  • The medium-plus configuration of ETM9 supports 4/8/16 bits of TRACEPKT.


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