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My IM-LT1 has solder bridges on some IC pads - Is this a manufacturing fault?

Applies to: Integrator


In short, the answer is no. There are two intentional solder bridges on the bottom of the board - One at the U11 site, near where 'C59' is marked on the silk screen, and another at the U9 site, near 'C53'.

This PCB (HPI-0106C) is used to manufacture two products: The IM-LT1, and the IM-LT2 (which is not sold as a product in its own right, but can be used in an assembly with one or more logic tiles to emulate an Integrator core module.) When this board is built as an IM-LT1, the solder bridges are necessary to make the board function properly in the absence of some components that would be present in the IM-LT2 configuration.

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