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Can I simulate my DSMs under RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.0?

Applies to: Processor Cores


Yes, but it is necessary to make modifications to your environement in order that the VMC generated components of the DSM will run.

The following instructions come directly from Synopsys.

This FAQ applies to users of DSMs on RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 with Cadence Verilog XL, Cadence Affirma NC, Synopsys VCS and MTI ModelSim.

The DSM contains a Red Hat Linux 7.2-based SWIFT Model to ensure the widest range of Linux support possible.

Red Hat Linux 7.2-based SWIFT Models can be used within the Red Hat Enterprise 3/32- bit (RHEL 3) operating system, but with certain setup conditions. To use Red Hat Linux 7.2 SWIFT Models in RHEL 3, you must do the following within RHEL 3:

  • Install and make available glibc-2.3.2-95.20
  • Invoke the following:
    setenv GCC_EXEC_PREFIX /usr/lib/i386-redhat-linux7/lib/

The required library can be downloaded from Red Hat at

You may find newer versions available. version .20 is the minimum version number you need to use SWIFT models on RHEL 3.

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