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What are the connectors on the Integrator/AM Analyzer Module?

Applies to: Integrator


POD1 to POD8

These 38-way high density Mictor connectors are used with several types of logic analyzer, for example Agilent and Tektronix. 

The connectors on the Analyzer Module are AMP part number 2-767004-2. 

The mating part is available in several forms, these include pre-made analyser probes supplied by analyzer manufacturers, and PCB mounting parts. 

Mating parts for the Mictor connectors can be found at

J1 and J5

These GPIO connectors are standard 17x2 way 0.1 inch pitch headers.  They can be used to connect a 34 way IDC cable with a 0.1 inch pitch connector.


These are the configuration links, and allow MCS0EN, MRDY, EBIEN and nCFGEN to be grounded with a standard 0.1 inch jumper link.

The grid of holes at the front edge of the Module are intended for customer use.  A small grid of no connect (NC) holes are surrounded by clearly marked GND and 3V3 power.


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