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What differences are there between the ARM968E-S and the ARM966E-S (Rev 2) ?

Applies to: ARM966E-S, ARM968E-S


The functional blocks available in the ARM966E-S, but not in the ARM968E-S are:

  • Coprocessor interface
  • BIST controller

The functional blocks which are optional in the ARM968E-S, but always included in the ARM966E-S are:

  • Breakpoint registers
  • ETM interface

The functional blocks which differ in size between the ARM968E-S and the ARM966E-S are:

  • Write buffer (2 address, 4 entry ARM968E-S. 4 address, 8 entry ARM966E-S)
  • AHB-lite bus master interface on ARM968E-S, AHB bus master interface on the ARM966E-S reducing the arbitration logic for the ARM968E-S.

The functional blocks/features which are included in the ARM968E-S, but not available in the ARM966E-S are:

  • AHB-lite DMA slave port for access to the instruction and data TCMs
  • Interleaved memory access and arbitration of the data TCM for improved sharing of TCM between ARM968E-S core and Bus masters.

The core pipeline is identical (v5TE, 5 stage, etc) for both cores

The ARM968E-S has a much smaller area than the ARM966E-S when it is configured for reduced debug, see the data in the ARM Core Selector.

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