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What are the debug options on the ARM968E-S?

Applies to: ARM968E-S


There are 2 options, Full Debug, and Reduced Debug, these are configuration options which are available when implementing the ARM968E-S.

The Reduced Debug implementation option of ARM968E-S is the default implementation option as the ARM968E-S is intended as a minimum sized footprint ARM9E-S based core. The Reduced Debug configuration does not have the ETM interface or the Watchpoint/Breakpoint registers. You have the JTAG connection and control of the TAP Controller for Boundary Scan and TCM memory access (a serial connection only), but there is no capability for single step or Trace. One possibility for software debug would be to use the breakpoint instruction (BPKT) - when this instruction reaches the execute stage of the pipeline it will cause the core to take the prefetch abort exception. (There is more detail in the ARM9E-S TRM on this). There is also no Vector catch hardware and no IBkpt & DWpt - Bkpt/Wpt signals to the core in reduced debug.

The Full Debug implementation option of ARM968E-S includes the ETM9 interface, hardware watchpoint/breakpoint registers and all associated functionality for RVICE operation to provide a software development/debug configuration. This option has a much larger footprint than the Reduced Debug option, comparable to the area of the ARM966E-S (refer to the ARM Core Selector for comparison data on ARM Core products)

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