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Why am I getting DENIED messages in my server log?

Applies to: ARM Developer Suite (ADS), DS-5, RealView Development Suite (RVDS), Tool Licensing (License Management)


DENIED is not actually an error message, it is a report in the server log. This message may occur if insufficient seats are available or with combined/merged license files, where the license server contains multiple entries for different versions of the same component.

Example 1

Consider a merged RVDS v4.0 and RVDS v4.1 license. If you invoke the RVDS v4.1 compiler on a "client" machine, the server may first attempt a checkout againt the "version 4.0 compiler INCREMENT". If this occurs a "DENIED" message appears in the server log.

The license server will then continue reading through the license file until it finds the correct RVDS v4.1 license, and then checks "OUT" that license feature. When the compilation is completed, the compilation license is then checks back "IN". You can see this happening in the example from a server log:

6:35:09 (armlmd) DENIED: "compiler" joeblogg@myserver (License server does not support this version of this feature (-25,334))
6:35:09 (armlmd) OUT: "compiler" joeblogg@myserver
6:35:09 (armlmd) IN: "compiler" joeblogg@myserver

Example 2

A DS-5 Professional license contains packages for some of the features, for example:

PACKAGE compiler5_pack armlmd 5.0 contains "compiler compiler5 neon_compiler compiler_pro"

The following INCREMENT line effectively enables the PACKAGE line: 

INCREMENT compiler5_pack armlmd 5.0

Additionally, if you have upgraded your license there is likely to be an UPGRADE line: 

UPGRADE compiler5_pack armlmd 5.0 5.0201209

The UPGRADE line describes the period of your maintenance. 5.0201209 means: "version 5.0 valid until 2012-09".

When invoking the compiler (armcc) version 5.01, the license mechanism will look at the compiler5_pack armlmd 5.0 5.0201209 line.  The first version it finds is 5.0 and reports a denial as that does not match with the request.

It then finds compiler5_pack armlmd 5.0 5.0201209 and checks out a license as can be seen from the following extract from your log file:

15:23:30 (armlmd) DENIED: "compiler5_pack" joeblogg@myserver (No such feature exists. (-5,341:104 "Connection reset by peer"))
15:23:30 (armlmd) OUT: "compiler5_pack" joeblogg@myserver

This is not an error. It is just reporting the sequence of events as they happen.

How to avoid these messages appearing in the server log

If you do not wish to see these DENIED messages then you can disable them as follows:

At the top of the license file on the server will look something like:

SERVER myserver 87654321 8224
VENDOR armlmd

If you change this to something like:

SERVER myserver 87654321 8224
VENDOR armlmd options=c:\\flexlmopt.txt

And create the file "c:\\flexlmopt.txt" containing the line:


This will prevent these DENIED messages.


  • It is possible that you are seeing this message because you have have upgraded your tools from a previous version and you have not deleted your old license file, which is a strict part of our upgrade policy.
  • Licenses for newer tool versions, e.g., RVDS v4.1 licenses, will enable older versions of the tools, e.g., RVDS v4.0.
  • Please be aware that under high server loads the server log entries may not be complete.

Article last edited on: 2011-10-11 17:15:57

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