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How do I transfer my license to another company?

Applies to: Tool Licensing (License Management)


Under ARM end user licensing practices:

  • Each seat of your ARM development tools is licensed only to the single legal entity who initially accepts it at installation (or single individual if you are a sole trader and are not operating in a company, partnership or other legal structure).
  • Each licence can only be transferred to another legal entity with ARM's written consent, and no-one else (except in some cases certain on-site subcontractors) can use it.

For example, the EULA for RVDS 3.1 includes the following statements:


"PERMITTED USERS: The Software and Licence Keys shall be used only by your employees, or by your bona fide sub-contractors for whose acts and omissions you hereby agree to be responsible to ARM to the same extent as those of your employees, and provided always that such sub-contractors; (i) work only onsite at your premises; (ii) are aware of the terms of this Licence; (iii) are contractually obligated to use the same only for your benefit, and (iv) agree to assign all their work product and any rights they create therein in the supply of such work to you. Only the single individual, company or other legal entity to whom ARM is supplying this Licence may use the Software and Licence Keys. You shall not allow third parties (including but not limited to any subsidiary, parent or affiliated companies, or offsite contractors you may have) to use the Software or Licence Keys unless ARM specifically agrees otherwise with you on a case by case basis."

"RESTRICTIONS ON TRANSFER OF LICENSED RIGHTS: The rights granted to you under this agreement may not be assigned, sublicensed or otherwise transferred by you to any third party without the prior written consent of ARM. You shall not rent or lease the Software, or share it with contractors or third parties."

Equivalent or similar statements are contained in EULAs for older versions of ARM development tools.

If you want to transfer your tools licence (whether permanently or temporarily) to another company, entity, or sole trader, you will need to fill in and submit the form below.

Below are some examples of what we mean by a 'transfer', for the purposes of the standard ARM tools EULAs:

  • Licensee's assets (including the ARM tools licence) are acquired by another company
  • Licensee is a company whose shares were acquired by another company and the acquirer now wants to transfer the tools licence out of licensee, or combine the licence into a central pool of licences available to a broader corporate group
  • Licensee is a company that merges with another company (whether or not licensee is a surviving entity)
  • Licensee tries to relocate the licence, permanently or temporarily, to an offsite contractor
  • Licensee makes the licence available to a subsidiary, parent or affiliated company (including but not limited to one in a different time zone or another country), for example as a permanent or temporary transfer, or to provide design services or offshore contract resource back to the original licensee

(In those examples, "Licensee" refers to the entity that initially accepts the terms of the EULA for that licensed seat of software.)

If ARM are to consider a transfer, ARM will normally require that licences for all relevant serial numbers are legally transferred from the original licensee to new one.  Please therefore list each serial number associated with the transfer in the form below, together with all other relevant details.

Once we have this information you will be contacted as soon possible.

Support case number :
* Name :
* Email :
* Confirm Email :
* Full corporate name of the original licensee :
* Name of legal contact for original licensee :
* Email of legal contact for original licensee :
* Full corporate address of the original licensee :
* The full corporate name of the new licensee :
* Name of legal contact for new licensee :
* Email of legal contact for new licensee :
* The full corporate address of the new licensee :
* The date of the acquisition :
* The required date of transfer :
* All serial numbers associated with the acquisition :
(A serial number can normally be found within your license file or the toolkit's packaging and has the following syntax:
or  xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx)
* Is the desired transfer permanent or temporary? : Permanent Temporary

If temporary, please specify desired start/end dates :

* Would you consider purchasing updates, upgrades or support & maintenance for the transferred seats? : Yes No

If ARM agrees to the transfer, either or both a re-hosting charge and an upgrade or update licence fee may be payable. If either applies, ARM will advise you of this before agreeing to make the transfer.

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