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EB Boot Monitor reports '%DiskOnChip-Error, flBadFormat'

Applies to: EB (Emulation Baseboard)


Note: This FAQ only applies to the rev C EB, if you have a rev D EB, please see the FAQ    instead.

The EB board version is written in copper on the corner next to the 16x2 character LCD. The version is a letter at the end of this number, for example, HPI-0140D means you have a rev D board.

Symptoms: The Boot Monitor (regardless of where it is run from) reports the following errors:

%DiskOnChip-Error, flBadFormat returned by Disk on Chip SDK

ARM EB Boot Monitor
Version:    V3.3.2
Build Date: Jan 30 2006
Tile Site 1: CT11MPCore
Tile Site 2: Tile Not Fitted
Endian:     Little
%BootMonitor-Info, Creating new SYSTEM.DAT
%BootMonitor-Error, Unable to open SYSTEM.DAT

%Flash-Info, Creating new FLASH.DAT
%Flash-Error, Unable to open FLASH.DAT

This is caused by the DoC Flash having an incorrect format. Some EB units had the DoC Flash incorrectly formatted at the factory, or the Flash may have become corrupted for other reasons.

Solution: The device should be reformatted using the latest doc_configure.axf utility, and the Boot Monitor reloaded as per the procedure in the EB user guide.

Note: This utility is also supplied on the Versatile Family CD ROM, but versions prior to 3.4 prior use incorrect format parameters, which result in the 'flBadFormat' error being displayed, as described above.

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