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What does Progcards 'WARNING: No matches found between scan chain and board files' mean?

Applies to: Development Boards


Updated 20/09/2006

[This information applies to the Multi-ICE, USB and RVI variants of progcards]

Progcards starts looking for a board file (name.brd) that matches the JTAG chain from the first TAP controller (with respect to TDI), and if there is more than one match, it offers a menu of valid programming files for those TAPs.

When programming for the current board (matched TAPs) has completed, progcards will look for more board files which match the next group of TAPs until the whole JTAG chain has been 'processed'.

This warning is given when either:

  1. There are no board files that match the TAPs at the start of the JTAG chain.


  2. When a board file has successfully programmed a board, and then tries to find a board file that matches the next set of TAPs in the JTAG chain and fails to find one. If you do not wish to program any further boards, this warning can be ignored.

Skip files are used to prevent this warning, please refer to the FAQ "What is a 'skip' file?".

Additional information for this error when using the CT7TDMI

A further issue can arise when using the CT7TDMI.  The ICE (Multi-ICE, RVI or the built-in USB progcards hardware) reports to the progcards utility the name of each TAP controller in the chain.  This is then compared to the text in the .brd files to determine which of these files match the hardware.  Unfortunately there is inconsistency between the text reported by the different ICE systems.

  • Multi-ICE will report 'ARM7TDMI'
  • RealView ICE will report 'ARM7TDMI_r4'
  • The built-in progcards hardware on the PB926 and the EB will report 'ARM7TDMI-4'

To fix this problem you will need to edit to the .brd files that are held in the /boardfiles directory of your progcards installation. 

Example - locate the [ScanChain] part of the .brd file, and simply add the text shown in bold below:

TAPs = 2
TAP0 = XC9572XL

Article last edited on: 2009-01-20 18:14:13

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