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What is a Progcards 'skip' file?

Applies to: Development Boards


[This information applies to the Multi-ICE, USB and RVI variants of progcards]

Board files (name.brd) for progcards are generally written as one file per board.  This simplifies re-programming of FPGAs and PLDs when boards are stacked together, as you do not need to have a board file for each possible combination of stacked boards.

'Skip' files are board files that represent a single board, for example a Logic Tile, or a platform board - these match TAPs but do not perform any programming.  They allow progcards to show a menu item that misses or 'skips' programming of a particular board in a multi-board system.

Example of a core tile skip file:

Name = Core Tile (Skip)
Priority = 1
Board = ct_skip

TAPs = 2
TAP0 = XC9572XL

SequenceLength = 0

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