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Does ARM provide support for Eclipse?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


RVDS 3.1 and later:

If you are using the version of Eclipse installed with RVDS 3.1 and later, then ARM will provide support for the Eclipse environment, the supplied CDT plugin and the Eclipse Plug-ins for RVDS. ARM will not provide support for any other plug-ins you have installed, or any integration problems you may encounter between these and the software provided by ARM (however, we may be interested in hearing such reports).

If you have installed the Eclipse Plug-ins for RVDS into a different version of Eclipse, ARM will not provide any support for that version of Eclipse, or any integration problems. However, ARM will still provide support for the Eclipse Plug-ins for RVDS.

RVDS 3.0:

If you have a valid support contract for RVDS 3.0 with ARM then you may receive support under that contract for the Eclipse Plug-in for RealView Development Suite (but not for the Eclipse IDE).  For details on how to obtain support, please contact your supplier.

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