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Do I need to run all four cores on CT11MPCore?

Applies to: CT11MPCore


No - actually you will need to manually bring up cores 1-3 if you want to use them.

The Boot Monitor on Emulation Baseboard (EB) executes on core 0 as if it was a single core ARM system, while putting the remaining cores into Wait For Interrupt (WFI) mode. WFI is a halt instruction and is described in detail in the ARM11 MPCore Processor TRM . Cores 1-3 then need to be manually brought out of this state in order for them to be used by the system. This is done automatically by the MPCore Linux kernel downloadable from

There are no special limitations regarding which or how many cores are used by the system, but obviously the developer needs to make sure interrupts are not unintentionally delivered to unused cores left in WFI state.

Article last edited on: 2009-01-20 14:44:36

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