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Does ARM provide drivers for the USB controller on my development board?

Applies to: Versatile Baseboards


The Platform Baseboard for ARM926EJ-S (PB926EJ-S) and the Application Baseboard for ARM926EJ-S (AB926EJ-S) implement USB using an OTG243 chip from Oxford Semiconductor (previously called TransDimension). New RealView baseboards such as the Emulation Baseboard (EB) are based on the ISP1761 from Philips.

ARM does not provide software or drivers for these USB devices, so we suggest customers who want to use USB on RealView hardware platforms check software availability with Philips Semiconductors or Oxford Semiconductor before buying the boards.

Philips have now released their Linux drivers for ISP1761 under a GPL licence. These are available from

If you want to use a different USB chipset we recommend the use of a  PCI backplane  and a USB PCI card, or to design a PISMO board with that USB chipset.

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