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How do I completely remove ADS from a machine?

Applies to: ARM Developer Suite (ADS)


The recommended method for removing ADS from your Windows PC is to either use the supplied uninstaller, or 'Add or Remove Programs' from the Control Panel.

However, on the rare occasion, these usual methods of uninstalling are unsuccessful.  If this is the case, in order to completely uninstall ADS from a Windows PC you will need Administrator privileges and take the following steps:

  1. Delete the ADS directory structure from your computer. The default location for ADS is at: C:Program FilesARMADSv1_x

  2. Remove the following ADS registry entries from your computer:


    Note: editing the registry by hand carries some risk and that we recommend that you save your current registry keys. To save your current registry settings open the registry editor (Start -> Run...regedit), locate the above registry entries and go to File -> Export... to save them somewhere safe on your machine.

  3. You will also need to locate and remove the InstallShield's record of its ADS installation. To do this:

    1. Using the Registry Editor, locate:


      This contains one or more keys which look like: {406FBBD8-EAFA-11D4-8FD0-0010B5688C67} Open each one in turn, to locate the one containing the DisplayName = ARM Developer Suite v1.2. Make a note of this key's code.

    2. Open a Windows Explorer, and locate the directory: InstallShield Installation Information.

      This directory is hidden by default. To make this visible, your Explorer needs to be configured to "Show hidden files and folders". Again, this directory contains a list of one or more InstallShield keys. Open the directory with the same key code as a) above. This directory contains uninstall information for ADS (setup.exe, etc). Delete this directory and its contents.

    3. Go back to the Registry Editor, and delete the key directory identified in a).

You have now removed, not only all traces of ADS from your PC, but also InstallShield's record of its ADS installation.

Note: If you are going to install ADS v1.2, you must firstly uninstall any previous versions of ADS from your machine.

Article last edited on: 2008-09-09 15:47:48

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