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Why does my PB926 stop working when I attach a Logic Tile?

Applies to: PB926


When a Logic Tile is connected to a PB926EJ-S system, it must contain a functioning AHB based design for the system to boot correctly & run code. Logic Tiles are delivered from our production facility with a test image that is not compatible with AMBA based baseboards.

An example of a valid AHB system can be found in Application Note 119.

If you have loaded a design that does not provide a working AHB connection, then the symptoms that you will observe will include:

  • The character LCD display will not show version information
  • There will be no serial terminal output
  • You will not be able to connect a debugger.

If you are certain that you have loaded a valid AHB based design into the Logic Tile's flash memory, be aware that the Tile supports the option of two images, and  you may not have the correct one selected. Check that the configuration DIP switches S2 are set correctly (refer to the Logic Tile user guide), and correspond to the address in flash as set in the progcards .brd file.

Please note that Application Note 128 does NOT include a working AHB system. It is a simple flashing LED example that is intended to check the basic operation of the Tile, the tool flow to produce a working FPGA .bit file.

Article last edited on: 2009-01-20 17:19:03

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