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How can I add a Logic Tile to my Integrator boards?

Applies to: Integrator, LT-XC2V (Virtex-II)


[New 17 July 2006]

If you have a Core Module and Integrator/CP or AP baseboard you can add Logic Tile(s) using our IM-LT1 Interface Module. See application note 119 for details.

If you have a Core Tile and Integrator/CP baseboard then you should be already using an IM-LT3 Interface Module. See Appendix C of the IM-LT3 user guide for details. You can add Logic Tile(s) on top of the Core Tile, but please note that we do not provide an example design in the form of an application note to support this combination. Since the Integrator family of boards has been superceded by the Versatile family, our recommended and supported solution is the Emulation Baseboard (EB). Please see the FAQ: Which Application Notes work with which boards? for further details.

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