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How do I configure RealView-Debugger to use ETB trace?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


Using RVConfig (accessible from the RealView-Debugger ‘Connection Control Window’), click the ‘Device Properties…’ button,

RVD FAQ IMAGE: RVConfig showing 966 with ETB configuration  RVD FAQ IMAGE: 966 ETB Device properties

and ensure that the ‘ETB’ option is selected in the ‘Device Properties’ dialog. This will ensure RealView-Debugger uses the ETB when connecting to the analyser in the ‘Analysis’ window.

RVD FAQ IMAGE: Connect to analyser menu item

Without the device properties dialog ETB option, it will be assumed that a trace port analyser is being used, and attempts will be made to connect to it. This will result in failure messages in the debugger ‘Cmd’ tab, if a RealView-Trace unit is not present in your system. e.g.

> analyzer,connect
Initialising Trace Support
Warning: [ETMLABS] (768): TPA Error 1032 : [No error logged]
Warning: The ETM was not recognised
Error V20017 (Vehicle): Logic Analyzer is not setup. See Output log for details.
ARM Internal Laptop License
Software supplied by: ARM Limited
Error: [TA0003] Could not initialise ETM trace support

A successful ETB connection produces output similar to:

> analyzer,connect
Initialising Trace Support
Connecting Analyzer to ARM966E-S_1 -- ETM Architecture: 1.3  Protocol: 5
ARM Internal Laptop License
Software supplied by: ARM Limited

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