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Why can I not program my CT7TDMI with Progcards_RVI?

Applies to: CT7TDMI


[This information only applies to customers using the Rev 4 ARM7TDMI Core Tile, Progcards RVI and RV-ICE v1.5 firmware (or later).]


When Progcards RVI detects a processor, it stores a label depending on which core it finds.  This label is then used to match the processor against any devices found within a Core Tile's board files. 

Prior to ARM7TDMI Rev 4, Progcards RVI detects and labels the processor on all CT7TDMIs as "ARM7TDMI".  This device correctly matches the entry in the board files.

When using RV-ICE v1.5 firmware, the Rev 4 ARM7TDMI processor on the CT7TDMI is now labelled "ARM7TDMI_r4".  Progcards RVI does not recognise this because this name has not been explicitly stated in the board files. 

This will cause issues when:

  1. Trying to reprogram the PLD on the Core Tile.

  2. Programming a board design which requires the Core Tile to be ignored when programming (skipped). For more general information about skip files, please see "What is a 'skip' file?".

In each of these cases, the TAP name for the core is not recognised and the following message will be displayed (This example shows the scan chain for an IM-LT3+CT):

    Devices found on the target board:
        TAP 0: XC9572XL
        TAP 1: ARM7TDMI_r4
        TAP 2: XC9572XL
        TAP 3: XC2V2000
    WARNING: No matches found between scan chain and board files


Attached to this FAQ are the files which will need to be copied over to the Progcards directory to fix this problem.

Should you wish to manually edit your local copies of these files, instructions detailing the changes made are given below (note you only need to copy the provided files over to the relevant progcards directory OR manually edit your files, not both.):

  1. Locate the board file.  For the skip file this will be a ct_skip.brd file, otherwise something similar to 
    ct-7tdmi_141b_xc9572xl_serstream_build1.brd should be used when programming the PLD.  These will usually be in the directory where Progcards is located.

  2. Open this file and append the line starting "TAP 1" with "ARM7TDMI_r4", using commas as delimiters for multiple processor names.

  3.       For the skip file:
            TAP1 = ARM_BS2_,ARM1136J-Sr0_BS2,ARM7TDMI,ARM1136J-SR0_BS2,ARM926EJ-S_BS2,ARM926E-S_BS2
          changes to:  
            TAP1 = ARM_BS2_,ARM1136J-Sr0_BS2,ARM7TDMI,ARM1136J-SR0_BS2,ARM926EJ-S_BS2,ARM926E-S_BS2,ARM7TDMI_r4
          For programming the PLD:
            TAP1 = ARM7TDMI
          changes to:
            TAP1 = ARM7TDMI,ARM7TDMI_r4 

  4. Save the file and re-run progcards_rvi.exe.

  5. Progcards should now be able to program the board correctly.


    Updated CT7TDMI board files

Article last edited on: 2009-06-02 10:10:12

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