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RVI, RVT and DSTREAM Fault Report Form

Applies to: DSTREAM, RealView ICE and Trace (RVI / RVT)



Important Note 1: This form is for customers who have purchased tools directly from ARM. If your tools were purchased from a distributor, please contact your supplier.

Important Note 2: Please submit one fault report form per RVI, RVT or DSTREAM unit in English.

Important Note 3: During the fault investigation process it may become necessary to remove components to identify the reported fault. As a result, ARM cannot guarantee that the RMA will be returned in the same condition as when the fault was reported, should the fault not be able to be identified and remedied or the product be deemed Beyond Economic Repair.

Important Note 4: Multi-ICE and Multi-Trace are now discontinued products, meaning that they may not be longer covered under Support and Maintenance. If you are experiencing any issues with these units, please contact ARM support directly (e-mail to:

Important Note 5: Please note that the ARM Tools are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. After one year, a nominal cost that depends on the repair work will apply. Repairs generally take at least two weeks.

* Indicates a required field.

Support case number (if known) : 

Details of end user reporting fault

* Name :
* Company :
Telephone :
* Email :
* Confirm Email :
* Address :
* Country :
* Postal/Zip Code :
Return Address (if different) :

Details of faulty RVI, RVT or DSTREAM unit

The serial number is printed on a sticker, which is normally on the underside of the unit. It is also printed on the packaging the unit originally came in. The serial number will be in the following format:

Unit Example serial number
RVI, RVT and DSTREAM 0113010101-0504

* Faulty RVI, RVT or DSTREAM Unit : * Serial number :

Details of development system

* Please select which core(s) you are using:

ARM cores

If you are using more than one core or your core is not listed, please specify the core(s) you are using in the box below:

Please list all components of your development system:

To be able to investigate your inquiry as quickly as possible it is very useful for us to know your full system.

* Component :

Tool version details

Please select the software and firmware versions that you are using from the pull down boxes below.

Please ensure you are using the latest tool versions. Patches are available via the ARM Silver portal (

RVI host software :

RVI firmware :

Development Suite :

DSTREAM Firmware :

* On what Operating System are your tools installed?  

Other comments about tool versions:

Description of fault

* Please describe the symptoms of the fault in as much detail as possible and any unusal behavior of the LEDs in your unit when appropriate, for example:

'The LED of ethernet does not light even if ethernet cable is connected.'

'The LED B on my RVI unit blinks at 1MHz'

'The LED STAT on my RVI unit blinks at 2MHz'

'The POWER LED on my DSTREAM unit does not light'

* If applicable to the Development Suite being used:

Are you able to auto-configure your device? Yes No

If you cannot auto-configure, are you able to manually configure your device? Yes No

After manual configuration, were you able to successfully connect a debugger? Yes No

Also, please provide details about how you manually configured your device:

Are you using any of our application notes? If so, please can you list which ones below:

* Was the unit 'Dead On Arrival' (DOA)? Yes No

If the unit was not DOA then what activity were you performing with the unit before it failed?

Additional information:

* Can you accept a replacement or do you require your original part?

 Original Part

* The more information you provide, the easier it will be for us to diagnose what may be wrong with your unit. Please tick the box on the left to confirm that you believe the above information to be accurate and complete.  

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