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Licensing Problem Diagnostic Scripts

Applies to: Tool Licensing (License Management)


The files below are scripts which contain a set of commands to help our Technical Support team diagnose licensing problems.  There are 4 scripts which cover all types of licensing. The diagnostics will collect as much relevant information as possible about your ARM tools and license configuration.

Files: Description:
get_win_server_data.bat contains the Windows server script
get_win_client_data.bat contains the Windows client script (also used for node-locked script) contains the UNIX server script contains the UNIX client script

>> Download Scripts

Please download the archive from the link above, go to the appropirate 'Anchor Link' below and follow the set of steps therein to help us diagnose your licensing problems.

While this is usually enough information to diagnose license problems, we may ask you to run a few more tests and send us the information.

Anchor Links:


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