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How do I create a custom BCD file for my hardware?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


A Board/Chip description file (BCD file) can be used to describe memory mapped peripherals and registers on your target. RVD allows you to select which BCD file(s) should be loaded for each target connection. Each of the loaded BCD files can add new tabs in the RVD "Register Pane". This provides a GUI based enumeration of the memory mapped registers described in the BCD file and allows you to directly view or modify these registers on your target. 

A BCD file is saved as a text file with a specific syntax for describing registers and peripherals. You can use a text editor for making simple changes to existing BCD files but when you create new BCD files from scratch, you should create them inside RVD or use the new "BCD Generator" utility.

The "BCD Generator" is an Excel based utility which allows you to create new, edit and load existing BCD files. "BCD Generator" includes basic syntax and error checking. For help with your first BCD file, Application Note 142 provides a step by step guide on how to create simple BCD files using RealView Debugger. You can follow the same steps to create BCD files with the "BCD Generator".

Click here to download Application Note 142
Click here to download "BCD Generator"

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