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Progcards_rvi gives error message "Unable to find prog_engine_X_Y in the current directory"

Applies to: Development Boards


[New 26 Sep 2006]

This FAQ applies only to the 'progcards_rvi' variant of the Progcards utility.

When invoking progcards_rvi.exe, it is possible to get a message similar to the following:

ARM Development Card Logic Programmer
Progcards for RealView ICE, Version 1.0

Error: Unable to find prog_engine_3_0 in the current directory

NOTE: It looks like you have RealView ICE firmware version 3.0 on your
      interface unit, please get prog_engine_3_0 from ARM Ltd

To rectify this problem, you need to use the correct version of the Progcards RVI programming engine for the version of RVI firmware that is running on your RVI unit. The prog_engine_X_Y binary file is part of the Progcards utility software bundle, and can be downloaded from the ARM website by following this link. You should extract the entire contents of the Zip file into your 'boardfiles' directory, allowing old files to be overwritten when prompted. This will ensure that you are not working with incompatible Progcards components.

Article last edited on: 2009-01-20 18:06:56

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