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Why does my debugger fail to return ETM Trace data from Core Tiles on my Versatile baseboard?

Applies to: Versatile Baseboards, Versatile Core Tiles


[new 6 December 2006]

The Emulation Baseboard, IM-LT3 and IM-LT1 have Mictor Trace connectors marked TRACE, these should not be used when accessing the trace data from Core Tiles as they will not allow access to the core ETM.

For the CT7TDMI and the CT11MPCore the test chips do not have any trace capability so no trace data can be collected from these core tiles.

For the CT1156T2F-S, CT1136JF-S and CT926EJ-S Core Tiles, trace connection should be made to the Mictor Connectors on the Core Tile board marked as TRACE A and TRACE B in the following configurations.

If you are using a RealView Trace (RVT) unit, you must connect RVT to the TRACE A connector on the Core Tile, and connect RealView ICE (RVI) to the JTAG connector on the base board.

If you are using a logic analyzer for trace then you must connect to TRACE A for up to 16-bit trace, and to both TRACE A and TRACE B for 32-bit trace.

On the Platform Baseboard for the ARM926EJ-S (PB926EJ-S), the Mictor trace connector will only allow trace data to be collected from the Development Chip on the baseboard, if a Core Tile is connected to the PB926EJ-S then the Core Tile trace will need to be taken separately via the Core Tile connectors as stated above.

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