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Why does progcards_rvi report an error after I try to connect to my RVI?

Applies to: Development Boards, RealView ICE and Trace (RVI / RVT)


  1. If you are using progcards_rvi you may see the following error:

    "ERROR: Communication error with RealView ICE: "" (rifsAsync connect)Please reboot your RealView ICE and try again"

    Your RealView ICE (RVI) firmware may be too old. You need at least version 1.4.1 of the firmware to use progcards_rvi.

    Check (and upgrade) your firmware using the RVI Update program. More recent firmware can be found within the RVI downloads pages at:

    Please note that you will also need the corresponding version of RVI software running on your host PC. Host software is not downloadable and must be obtained from your local ARM sales office or by contacting one of our authorized RealView development tools distributors.

  2. If RVD (or another software client) is still connected to the RVI then progcards_rvi will not be able to connect and you may see the following error:

    "Connection to RVI successful

    ERROR: Auto-detection failed. Check the RVI connection with the target or try using a lower fixed frequency with -a command-line option.

    Remember to click disconnect in RVD  RVI FAQ: RVD Disconnect Icon  before using progcards_rvi.

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