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Why doesn't my revision D EB work?

Applies to: EB (Emulation Baseboard)


[New 24 October 2006]

We are now shipping the 'lead free' Emulation Baseboard (EB) which is rev D. The EB board version is written in copper on the corner next to the 16x2 character LCD. The version is a letter at the end of this number, for example, HPI-0140D means you have a rev D board.

The EB rev D boards are shipping with the Versatile 3.0.1 CD until the 3.1 CD is released. You must use the files on the CD in the box for EB rev D, not those on the Versatile 3.0 CD shipped with earlier EB rev C boards. Please read the Release Notes shipped with the EB, on a folded sheet of white paper in the box, or see these FAQs:

FPGA image

You must use the AN148 or AN152 .bit file supplied on the Versatile 3.0.1 CD to program EB rev D. This version does not program the EB PLD.

If you have already programmed the EB using the 3.0 CD by mistake, then you must program the EB's PLD using the 3.0.1 board files. The board files are installed to directory VersatileEB3.01Releaseoardfiles

Boot Monitor

The EB comes programmed with boot monitor v4.0 or later. Note that this version is not on the Versatile 3.0.1 CD. If you have programmed the EB with an earlier version, you must ask your technical support contact for the latest version.

MMC memory card

You may see error messages like this when the boot monitor runs:

    %BootMonitor-Info, Creating new SYSTEM.DAT
    %BootMonitor-Error, Unable to open SYSTEM.DAT

    %Flash-Info, Creating new FLASH.DAT
    %Flash-Error, Unable to open FLASH.DAT

This means there is not an MMC memory card fitted. These messages can be ignored; on EB rev C they are written to the Disk-on-Chip flash so you do not see them. To get rid of the error messages you must fit a formatted MMC memory card to the EB.

Note that you do not need to format the MMC memory card before you use it. If you do format it we recommend you use a PC card reader because the EB can take a long time. The MMC memory card uses FAT16 format.

Network Flash Utility

Because the Ethernet chip has changed and the Disk-on-Chip flash has been removed, you must use NFU.axf v4.0 or later. If you use an earlier version you may see this error message:

       %DiskOnChip-Error, flAdapterNotFound returned by Disk on Chip SDK

   ARM Network Flash Utility V3.3.2
   Little Endian
   NexGenOS: can't initialize stack, error=0200

Linux and u-boot

We are currently working to add support for the EB rev D Ethernet chip to Linux and u-boot.

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