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How can my software determine the EB PCB revision?

Applies to: EB (Emulation Baseboard)


[New, 3 January 2007]

This FAQ is only concerned with determining if an Emulation Baseboard (EB) is a revision B/C or D.  This is mainly for the purposes of selecting the appropriate Ethernet chip driver, as the rev D has a new device fitted.  Customers with the limited release rev B board have the same chip fitted as the rev C.

For the user to determine the revision, the EB board version is written in copper on the corner next to the 16x2 character LCD. The version is a letter at the end of this number, for example, HPI-0140D means you have a rev D board.

The rev B and C boards have an SMSC LAN91C111-NE Ethernet chip.  Before you can access the ID code information, a 16-bit write of 0x3 is required to address 0x4E00000E, this selects the correct register bank.  A 16-bit read of address 0x4E00000A will return 0x9 on data bits 7:4 for a rev B/C PCB.

The rev D boards have an SMSC LAN9118-MT Ethernet chip.  A 32-bit read from address 0x4E000050 will return 0x0118xxxx.

Further information and code examples can be seen in the following selftest files on the 3.1.1 Versatile CD:


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