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How do I access the symbols in my image using RVD?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


The RealView Debugger (RVD) Symbols pane (available from the View → Symbols menu) provides easy access to the symbols of your image.  From the Symbols pane you can conveniently locate a function, run to a function, add a variable to the watch window and set a breakpoint.

The Symbols pane uses a Filter to select which symbols to display.  The filter consists of three parameters - image, module and function.  The default filter is "*** " which displays all symbols from all images loaded to RVD.  You can hand edit the filter or set it by double-clicking from the Images or Modules tab. 

The Symbol browser features the following 4 tabs.

Images Tab

Displays the image(s) loaded to your target.  Double-clicking an image brings you to the Modules of that image.

RVD FAQ Image: symbol images tab


Modules Tab

Displays the source files of the selected image. Double-clicking a module brings you to the Functions of that module.  Right-clicking allows you to scope to the first function in memory of that module (the function stored at the lowest address in that module). 

RVD FAQ Image: symbol modules tab


Functions Tab

Displays the functions of the selected module and image. Double-clicking a function scopes to that function in the "Dsm" source window. From the right-click menu you have the option to show or hide public, static, label and library functions. You can also view the disassembly or source code for a function, set a breakpoint on a function entry point, run to a function and set the PC to the function entry point.

RVD FAQ Image: symbol functions tab


Variables Tab

Displays the variables of the selected module, image and function.  Double-clicking a variable will print the variable value in the "Cmd" tab of Output window. From the right-click menu you have the option to show or hide public, static, label and library variables. You can also add the variable to the watch window and set a watchpoint on accesses to the variable.

RVD FAQ Image: symbol variables tab


  1. The data in each tab can be sorted by clicking on a column header.
  2. The Symbols browser was called Data Navigator in RVD v1.8.  It is available from the View → Data Navigator menu.
  3. A complete description of the Symbols pane is provided in the RVD User Guide (see below).

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