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Why is RealView-ICE v1.5 firmware no longer available for download?

Applies to: RealView ICE and Trace (RVI / RVT)


RealView-ICE (RVI) v1.7 firmware is a direct replacement for v1.5 firmware.

It fixes an incompatibility v1.5 firmware has with new v3.0 RVI hardware which can lead to the unit becoming unbootable.

RVI v3.0 hardware can be identified as having a green reset button on the back on the unit, and will have been supplied with v3.0 or above firmware. All units currently being shipped are v3.0 hardware.

The sequence of events which results in a unit becoming unbootable are as follows:

  • RVI v3.0 hardware is downgraded from v3.0 firmware to v1.5 using the RVIUpdate utility.
  • The unit's IP settings e.g. IP address/host name are changed using the RVIConfigIP utility.

After this the unit fails to reboot, the 'STAT' LED continually flashes and the unit fails to respond via Ethernet or USB.

RVI v1.7 firmware fixes this problem, and is identical to v1.5 firmware with the following additions:

  • Provides support for v3.0 hardware LVDS probes
  • Supports multiplexed trace modes
  • Ensures interrupts are not disabled after a synchronised 'go' debug operation

In all cases v1.7 firmware should be used in preference to v1.5 firmware, and as a result of this v1.5 firmware is no longer available for download from the ARM website.

Click here to download the v1.7 firmware.

Article last edited on: 2008-09-09 15:47:53

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