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Progcards_usb versions 2.52 and earlier cannot reprogram Logic Tile bytestreamer PLD

Applies to: LT-XC2V (Virtex-II)


Versions of Progcards_usb (v2.52 and earlier) did not understand the format of the the .svf files generated by the latest versions of the Xilinx tools. This includes the file ltxc2v4000_102c_xc9572xl_bytestreamer_build3.svf provided on the product CD-ROMs.

If you try to use an old version of Progcards_usb to reprogram the logic tile PLD with this file, the application ends reporting a failure and the PLD is incorrectly programmed, preventing the FPGA from booting from configuration Flash. The following screen output was from Progcards_usb v2.52:

Step 1: PLD/SVF download of lt-xc2v4000_hbi-0102ltxc2v4000_102c_xc9572xl_bytestreamer_build3.svf
  Progress: 1.80%

ERROR: Data verify failed

Press a key to terminate program.

To fix this problem, retry the programming procedure with the latest version of Progcards_usb, which can be downloaded here.

Article last edited on: 2009-01-20 18:10:40

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