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Why do CodeWarrior and Eclipse insert additional command-line options?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


Both CodeWarrior and Eclipse insert additional command-line options for building a project. These extra options are automatically added by the IDE and do not require user attention, though may be unexpected.

Both CodeWarrior and Eclipse invoke the RVDS compilation tools using --diag_style=ide to ensure that diagnostic messages are generated in a format that can be parsed by the IDE to link diagnostics to specific source files. CodeWarrior additionally requires the --brief_diagnostics command-line option to display diagnostic messages on a single line.

The --info=totals command-line option is used by CodeWarrior to obtain the size of the code and data in the object file generated by the compiler/assembler, which is then displayed in the project window of the IDE. Eclipse has no equivalent functionality and does not use this option.

--diag_suppress=2083 is used by CodeWarrior to eliminate the optimisation warning generated when -g/--debug is passed to the compiler without -02.

The Eclipse build system is based on Makefiles, so the IDE needs to instruct the compiler and assembler to generate dependency information. This is done by passing the following command-line options:

--depend="$(@:%.o=%.d)"       :- generate dependency files for make
--depend_format=unix_escaped  :- specify format of dependency files
--no_depend_system_headers    :- eliminates system headers from dependencies

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