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Which ARM toolkits can be used to build BREW Apps?

Applies to: RealView Compilation Tools (RVCT) for BREW


ARM BREW-specific toolkits

The following toolkits are designed explicitly for building BREW applications, when used in conjunction with the QUALCOMM BREW SDK:

  • RVCT for BREW v3.0 (based on RVDS v3.0)
  • RVCT for BREW v1.2 (based on ADS v1.2)
  • Brew Builder v1.0 (based on ADS v1.1).

Version 3.0 also requires the use of QUALCOMM's "elf2mod" utility:

Other ARM toolkits

It is also possible to use the full versions of ADS 1.1, ADS 1.2, RVDS 2.x and RVDS 3.0 to build BREW applications (with RVDS requiring the use of elf2mod). If you are using RVDS 2.x or 3.0, you will also need to apply the following switches:

armcc --apcs=/adsabi --diag_suppress=C3011 --bss_threshold=0
armasm --apcs=/adsabi --diag_suppress=A1658
armlink --datacompressor=off --reloc

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