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Is Windows Vista a supported platform for RVDS 3.1?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS), RealView ICE and Trace (RVI / RVT), Tool Licensing (License Management), Versatile Baseboards


Windows Vista is not an officially supported platform for the official releases of RVDS 3.1 or RVDS 3.1 Professional.  However, Windows Vista Business 32-bit & 64-bit and Windows Vista Enterprise 32-bit & 64-bit are officially supported platforms for the latest compilation tools patch, RVCT 3.1 build 700, but not as a license server (as mentioned below).

The officially supported platforms for RVDS 3.1 are:

  • Windows 2000 sp4
  • Windows XP Professional sp2
  • Red Hat Linux Enterprise WS v4

Windows Vista was not in common use at the time when RVDS 3.1 was being developed.  RVDS 3.1 has subsequently been tested on Windows Vista by ARM, and some issues have been identified, which means that, strictly, Windows Vista remains an unsupported platform.  However, some of these issues can be easily worked around which means that Windows Vista might be suitable for use by customers in certain project configurations, e.g. for straightforward compiling/debugging tasks.

The issues identified are:

Executables are unauthorized
Except for the latest RVCT patch mentioned above, the executables for RVDS 3.1 and RVI 3.1 are not digitally signed by a certificate suitable for bypassing Vista's User Account Control (UAC). You must authorize each executable in turn when prompted by Vista. The following executables are known to create UAC alerts:

  • Installation wizard
  • Uninstallation Wizard
  • RealView ICE updater

Installer disables Aero Desktop
During installation of RVDS 3.1, the Installer disables the Aero Desktop with the message "The color scheme has been changed to Windows Vista Basic". This does not affect the function of the installer and the appearance of the Vista desktop is restored at the end of installation of RVDS.

License Wizard corrupts path to license file
The RVDS 3.1 License Wizard is unable to accept text strings entered directly into the "List of ARM license sources for this machine". Any paths entered directly into this field are corrupted and cause license checkout failures. You can add license files to the License Wizard by clicking the "..." button and browsing to the license file. References to servers using the port@server.domain.tld syntax can be added by selecting "Add Reference" when adding the license file in the License Wizard.

Eclipse fails to start
The version of Eclipse supported by RVDS 3.1 does not support Vista directly and is unable to locate a DLL needed for the user interface. You can workaround this problem by copying this DLL:  swt-win32-3235.dll to your %ARMROOT%IDEsEclipseDistribution1.132win_32-pentiumeclipse  folder.  IMPORTANT: This DLL licensed under the terms of the Eclipse Public License at: You will need to authenticate as an administrator to copy this file into the Eclipse folder as Vista protects software installation folders.

Outgoing network connections blocked by Windows Firewall
Outgoing network connections from RVDS applications, for example to contact a license server or to communicate with RealView ICE, are blocked by default by the Windows Firewall. When an application is blocked Vista prompts you to unblock the application. After unblocking the application you may need to restart it. You must unblock each application in RVDS in this way.

License server not supported
Windows Vista is not supported as a license server for RVDS 3.1.

RVCT precompiled header file options (--pch) not working correctly
After building a .pch file, instead of using this existing file, any further build will re-create the file. Also, attempting to use the precompiled header file will fail with an error report about memory usage conflict.  This issue is now fixed in RVCT 3.1 build 700.

SuiteSwitcher not supported
Windows Vista is not supported for use with SuiteSwitcher.  SuiteSwitcher updates the tool environment by updating the Windows registry. However, SuiteSwitcher is not recognised by Windows Vista as an application that needs elevated privileges. Switching to a new toolchain results in a "Registry key S access denied" error and fails to update the environment. There is currently no workaround for this.

Unable to locate executables after the next log-in
There is a problem in all editions of Windows Vista that causes the PATH environment variable to be truncated to 1024 characters when you next log-in. As a result of this you may experience problems in locating RVDS executables if they were previously added to the PATH environment variable beyond the 1024 character point. This problem is described in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 935765 and a hotfix is available from Microsoft Customer Support.

Unable to connect to Versatile board using direct USB connection
The direct USB connection in RVD to the Versatile/PB926 board does not work on Vista. Connection after installing the RVI ME drivers also fails. The RVD Connection Control window shows a general error and RVD outputs "Remote target failed to be initialized" to its console.


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