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What are the differences between RVCT for BREW 3.0 and the compilation tools in RVDS 3.0?

Applies to: RealView Compilation Tools (RVCT) for BREW, RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


RealView Compilation Tools (RVCT) for BREW v3.0 is based on the compilation tools contained in the RealView Development Suite (RVDS) 3.0, but with its functionality targeted specifically at BREW application development rather than generic embedded software development. A summary of the main differences is as follows:

  • Compilation Tools only (no debug functionality)
  • Only BREW compatible images can be created
  • Code generation for ARM7 (architecture v4T), ARM9 (architecture v5TE) and ARM11 (architecture v6) targets only.
  • Defaults to ADS compatibility mode when building code for compatibility with full range of BREW SDKs (--apcs /adsabi, and with linker data compression turned off).
  • Floating point support via software floating point libaries only
  • No support for embedded system memory layout of code (scatterloading)
  • Partial rather than full Standard C++ library support (for example, no support for locales or streams - which are typically not required for BREW application development).

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