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Can I use the Eclipse Plug-ins for RealView Development Suite with any version of Eclipse?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


RVDS 3.1

Starting with RVDS 3.1, Eclipse and CDT are included in the suite - so you no longer need to download and install these separately.

However, some users are already using a version of Eclipse bundled with some other development suite. In this case, you can still use the Eclipse Plug-ins for RVDS as long as compatible versions of Eclipse and CDT are used. For the Plug-ins for RVDS 3.1, the requirements are Eclipse 3.2.x and CDT 3.1.x.

The procedure for manually installing the Eclipse Plug-ins for RVDS is then the same as described below for the RVDS 3.0 plug-in.

RVDS 3.0

For RVDS 3.0, you will first have to download and install Eclipse (version 3.1.*) and CDT (version 3.0.*). Some problems have been reported when using later (3.1.*) versions of CDT with the Plug-in for RVDS 3.0.

You must use the Software Updates feature in Eclipse to install the Eclipse Plug-in for RVDS. The first time you use the Software Updates feature to install the Eclipse Plug-in for RVDS, you must create an update site to download the plug-in from:

  1. Launch the Eclipse IDE.
  2. Select Help → Software Updates → Find and Install...
  3. From the Install/Update dialog, select Search for new features to install. Click Next.
  4. You must create a new site to locate the plug-in. In the Install dialog box, click New Remote Site...
  5. In the New Update Site dialog box, enter any name, for example Plug-in for RVDS. In the URL field enter "" and click OK.
  6. Eclipse automatically selects your newly created update site from the list of Sites to include in search. Click Finish.
  7. In the Updates dialog box, select your plug-in for RVDS update site, and click Next. Make sure that you do not have the "Show the latest version of a feature only" checkbox selected, so that you can select the plug-ins for RVDS 3.0.
  8. Read the ARM license agreement and accept it. If you do not accept the license agreement, you cannot install the plug-in. Click Next, and then click Finish.
  9. In the Verification dialog box, click Install All. Eclipse installs the Eclipse Plug-in for RVDS.
  10. Eclipse requests your permission to restart. Click Yes to restart Eclipse. The Eclipse Plug-in for RVDS has been installed.


For information about the level of support provided for installations like this, please see the FAQ entry: "Does ARM provide support for Eclipse? ".

Article last edited on: 2008-09-09 15:47:54

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