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How fast is the CPU clock on Core Tiles?

Applies to: Versatile Core Tiles


[updated 24 January 2008]

Clock frequency is set by the Emulation Baseboard (EB) that the Core Tile is fitted to, and we provide suitable images for the EB FPGA in our application notes. The table below shows the settings you should use for a stable system.

 Core Tile  CPU  App Note  Build  S8-8  S8-7   S8-6  Notes 
 ARM7TDMI  30MHz  AN148  3  OFF  OFF  OFF  updated from 20MHz
 ARM926EJ-S  120MHz  AN148  3  OFF  ON  OFF  4 x 30MHz
 ARM1136JF-S  240MHz  AN148  3  ON  OFF  OFF  8 x 30MHz
 ARM1156T2F-S  150MHz  AN158  3      ON  OFF for 180MHz if do not need ETB
 ARM1176JZF-S  300MHz  AN177  3      ON  
 ARM11 MPCore  210MHz  AN152  C7      OFF  OFF for 175MHz if use build C6 (PCI)

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