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What are the differences between the LT-XC2V (Virtex-II) and LT-XC4V (Virtex-4) Logic Tiles?

Applies to: LT-XC2V (Virtex-II), LT-XC4V (Virtex-4)


[new 15 August 2007]

This table lists the differences between Virtex-II and Virtex-4 Logic Tiles.

 Feature  LT-XC2V6/8000   LT-XC4V160/200  Notes
 FPGA slices

 34 / 47K

 68 / 89K

 Approximately 50% bigger and up to 40% faster
 Header X/Y/Z I/O pins

 914 / 918


 External clocks



 CLK_LOOP3/4 removed as not normally used
 Tile clocks



 OSC_CLK[2:0], CLK_24MHz



 Can use block RAM, up to 0.6/0.7MB on LX160/200
 Config Flash images



 User LEDs, switches



 Config / Normal JTAG



 Fold/Thru switches


 Upper, Lower

 Lower fold switches added to increase available I/O in stacks
 Variable I/O voltage






 Bit file encryption

 Triple DES

 256-bit AES

 Virtex-4 key is not programmed in production

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