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What is Microlib?

Applies to: DS-5, RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


In RVDS 3.1 and later, a new C library called micro-library (Microlib) is introduced.  Microlib is highly optimized for small code size. It is targeted to be used in deeply embedded applications where memory resources are limited. To minimize code size, it has less functionality than the default standard C library. Some library functions will also be slower, for example, memcpy().

The main feature of Microlib is its small footprint. For example, a simple “Hello World” project built with Microlib only contains 260 bytes of ARM code, comparing to 7.4KB when built with standard C library.

Microlib is not designed to interoperate with the C++ library. It does not provide all the support functions which C++ code can invoke, e.g., exceptions and RTTI. Some other parts of the C++ run-time library may also depend on functions defined by the standard library but not by Microlib.

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