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Why do I see External Error: No Interface Initialized when trying to connect the Trace Analyser in RVD?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS), RealView ICE and Trace (RVI / RVT)


The ARM RealView Trace (RVT) and the RealView Trace 2 (RVT2) units, allow collection of trace (via an external trace port) from ARM processors with an ETM.

When configuring trace in RVD, the first step is to open the Analysis Window and connect the trace analyzer. An example of a successful sequence is shown below:

> analyzer,connect
Initialising Trace Support
Connecting Analyzer to ARM926EJ-S_0 -- ETM Architecture: 1.3.1 Software supplied by: ARM Limited

If no RVT or RVT2 unit is present, or if the RVT or the RVT2 unit has failed to initialize correctly, the command will fail with the following error.

> analyzer,connect
Initialising Trace Support
Warning: External Error: No Interface Initialized Error V20017 (Vehicle): Logic Analyzer is not setup. See Output log for details.
Software supplied by: ARM Limited
Error: [TA0027] External Error: No Interface Initialized

It is possible to check whether an RVT or RVT2 unit has initialized correctly by checking the status of the red LED D5. This LED should be on for normal operation. LED D5 can be found by removing the ventilation grill on top of the unit. Power cycling the RealView ICE (RVI) unit, should remedy this problem in most cases.

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