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How do I use Multi-ICE on a PC with no parallel port?

Applies to: ARM Developer Suite (ADS), Multi-ICE


The Multi-ICE hardware was designed only with a parallel port as the host PC interface. The Multi-ICE Server software is only able to access a parallel port on the 'legacy' addresses of 0x278 or 0x378:

Bitmap of Parallel port settings dialogue

Since Multi-ICE was only designed to work in the above scenario, we cannot provide assistance or support for any other configuration. Multi-ICE is a mature product and no further updates or revisions to the hardware interfaces or software are planned. It however continues to be available until retired for those developers continuing to use host platforms fitted with parallel ports with ADS, TAPOp or other RDI compatible tools.

Recommended solution:

Our next generation ICE unit - RealView ICE has USB and Ethernet connectivity built in. This is the recommended upgrade path and gives support for all the latest ARM processors. Multi-ICE only supports cores up to ARM10.

Alternative solutions:

  1. It might be possible to find a PCI parallel port card or USB to parallel port converter which allows mapping of the new parallel port onto the legacy addresses. If such a device can be installed, there is a chance that it might work with Multi-ICE Server. Note that such a set-up is unsupported and untested by ARM. Please do not ask ARM for assistance in getting such a set-up to work.

  2. A more reliable but less elegant solution would be to use an old PC that does have a parallel port to host the Multi-ICE hardware and Multi-ICE Server software. You can then connect a debugger running on another machine (running Windows, Unix or Linux) to the server running on the Multi-ICE PC via TCP/IP. This remote connection set-up is covered in the Multi-ICE user guide.

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