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Why do I have problems using RVDv3.1 after applying a patch update?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


RealView Debugger (RVD) relies on environment variables for locating application libraries.  

When you apply a patch to RVD, application files will be updated and located in a new folder (using the build number of the patch). The 'RVDEBUG_INSTALL' environment variable will then be updated accordingly.

If you launch an earlier build of rvdebug.exe (for example by using an outdated desktop shortcut), RVD will  attempt to load newer (mismatched) libraries. This can cause unpredictable behaviour. The most common symptom is that the RVD memory window fails to open.

You can confirm the status of your install by comparing the RVD build number (reported by the Help->About menu) with the build number folder used by the environment variable 'RVDEBUG_INSTALL'. The build numbers in these two locations should match.

You can fix this problem by updating user created shortcuts to point to the new patch location ('RVDEBUG_INSTALL in rvdebug.exe'). The shortcuts created under Windows
"Start->All programs->ARM" will be updated correctly by the patch installer.

Article last edited on: 2011-08-16 19:45:31

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