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Why does Progcards fail to program the EB?

Applies to: EB (Emulation Baseboard)


[new 20 November 2007]

Some Evaluation Baseboard (EB) users may encounter some difficulty in programming the configuration flash for the system FPGA when using RealView ICE (RVI).
This is due to signal integrity on the EB when using the short parallel cable from the RVI unit when connecting to the EB.

This can affect both RevC and RevD boards.

The following list shows available workarounds if a problem is encountered when trying to program the configuration flash

  • Use progcards_usb v2.67 or later. Remember to remove the JTAG cable and connect a USB cable to the EB's USB Debug Port.
  • Use the long LVDS cable shipped with RVI.
  • Remove the Core Tile and/or Logic Tile.
  • You may be able to get progcards_rvi working by reducing the JTAG clock frequency with the -a switch. For example, to try 1MHz:
        progcards_rvi -h=TCP:hostname -a=1000000

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