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How do I configure DSTREAM/RVI to debug cores behind a JTAG-AP in CoreSight systems?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS), RealView ICE and Trace (RVI / RVT)


The Debug Access Port (DAP) in a CoreSight system allows access to legacy JTAG chains via a dedicated JTAG-AP access port. RVDS 4.1 contains support for the most popular ARM7, ARM9 and ARM11 cores on a JTAG-AP port.


This FAQ provides configuration steps to allow DSTREAM/RVI/RVD to debug ARM cores behind a CoreSight JTAG-AP. (The following screenshots are provided as an example configuration for an ARM1176JFZ-S based system. (Please note: the actual settings may differ from your hardware.)

  1. Connect to your DSTREAM/RVI unit.

  2. Click Auto Configure Scan Chain.  An ARMCS-DP (DAP) template should appear in your scan chain.

  3. Add the JTAG-AP template for your core to the scan chain by clicking Add Device….(for example: ARM1176JZF-JTAG-AP).

    Note: You need to do this because ROM table reads do not support non CoreSight-compliant cores, for example, the ARM1176JZF-S.

  4. Click on the JTAG-AP component in your scan chain and click Configuration.

  5. Set the "CoreSight AP index" to match the index of the DAP JTAG-AP in your system.

  6. Set the "JTAG-AP Port index for core", to match the index of the JTAG-AP Multiplexor port to which the ARM core is connected.

    Note1: If you have more than one device on the scan chain, please see the DSTREAM/RVI User guide documentation for details on how to set pre and post scan IR and DR bits appropriately.
  7. Save and close the configuration. It should now be possible to connect to the core in the debugger.

Attachments: 1176JTAGAP_1.jpg , 1176JTAGAP_2.jpg

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