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Where is the stack located by default on RealView profiler?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


If you do not wish to define your stack and heap regions in a scatter file or retarget __user_initial_stackheap, the profiler can use semihosting to place your stack. To enable this, ensure that "Enable semihosting" is ticked in the "Run..." dialog.

The heap will grow upwards from the end of the ZI region by default.

On hardware, the stack will be placed at 0x40000.
On the RTSMs, the stack will be placed at 0x10000000

To change the location of the semihosted stack or heap on the RTSMs, you must pass a parameter to the model at startup time. To do this:

- Open the "Run..." dialog
- Set the semihosting-stack_base and/or semihosting-heap_base by adding to the "Extra commands" field, for example:

--parameter $COREINST.semihosting-stack_base=0x20000 --parameter $COREINST.semihosting-heap_base=0x10000



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