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How do I configure RVD v3.1/RVI v3.1 to capture ETM Trace using the Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) on the PB1176?

Applies to: PB1176, RealView Development Suite (RVDS), RealView ICE and Trace (RVI / RVT)


The ARM1176JZF-S Development Chip integrated on the PB1176 can be configured as a traditional or a CoreSight JTAG system based design. To capture ETM trace on the PB1176, the system must be configured as a CoreSight system by placing a jumper on J1. CoreSight components are accessed by specifying a DAP-AP  (Debug Access Port) and an address.

The video below in this Knowledge Article shows how to configure RVD v3.1/RVI 3.1 RealView Debugger v3.1 (RVD v3.1) and RealView ICE v3.1 (RVI v3.1) for trace on the PB1176 using the on-chip Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB). Additionally, a pdf document explaining the steps shown in the video is provided.

In this case, a RealView Trace (RVT) unit is not required as the trace data is sent directly to the ETB using RVI.

The following software must be installed in order to perform trace on the PB1176:

  • RealView Development Suite (RVDS) v3.1
  • RVDS v3.1 Installer Patch
  • RVDS v3.1 Patch
  • RVI v3.1

To obtain the Installer Patch and the Patch for RVDS v3.1, visit the ARM Technical Support web pages:

It is important to do this installation in the following order:

  1. RVDS v3.1
  2. RVDS v3.1 Installer Patch
  3. RVDS v3.1 Patch
  4. RVI v3.1

In RVD v3.1/RVI v3.1,  an Associations File to link the devices in the scan chain for trace is needed. The Associations File is available here:

TEXT Icon PB1176TraceETB_associations.txt

Save this file in a local directory.

The Associations File PB1176TraceETB_associations.txt contains the following text:


Also available in pdf:


Attachments: trace_etb_pb1176.swf , pb1176traceetb_associations.txt , ETBTrace_PB1176JZF-S.pdf

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