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Why does Progcards fail to program PB11MPCore?

Applies to: PB11MPCore


[new 5 February 2008]

When you run progcards on the PB11MPCore baseboard, the CONFIG switch on the front panel must be ON (up, with the orange LED next to it lit), use progcards_usb v2.69 or progcards_rvi v2.03 or later versions, and the REPROG jumper must not be fitted.

The REPROG jumper is near the corner of the tile site and is used to allow the initial factory configuration. If the jumper is fitted then it switches in a different JTAG chain, and progcards cannot recognise some of the TAPs. Here is a typical error message:

Found 9 TAP controllers IR length: 59

  TAP0 IR:  0  UNKNOWN (ID: 0xAE95BF6C)
  TAP1 IR:  0  UNKNOWN (ID: 0xE9275F6C)
  TAP2 IR:  0  UNKNOWN (ID: 0xF91E3F6C)
  TAP3 IR:  0  UNKNOWN (ID: 0xF92A3F6C)
  TAP4 IR:  0  UNKNOWN (ID: 0xCE687C64)
  TAP5 IR:  0  UNKNOWN (ID: 0x81FB239B)
  TAP6 IR:  0  UNKNOWN (ID: 0x4214639B)
  TAP7 IR:  5  ISSP
  TAP8 IR:  5  ARM11MPCore_BS5

ERROR: An UNKNOWN device was found in the scan chain.
       Please add this device to the tapid.arm file.

Article last edited on: 2009-01-20 18:32:52

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