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How can I view RVISS Tracer output in RVD?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


Tracer is separate from the normal trace facility that you can access from View -> Analysis Window in RVD. Tracer is specific to RVISS models, and provides very detailed output on how RVISS is simulating a target.

In RVD there is no user interface for directly viewing Tracer output, as there was in the older ARM debugger AXD. (In AXD there was an 'RDI Log window', this no longer exists in RVD.)

Tracer output can still be obtained by piping the output to a file. This is the procedure for obtaining Tracer output with RVD:

  1. Find the file 'C:\Program Files\ARM\RVARMulator\ARMulator\1.4.1\297\win_32-pentium\peripherals.ami' (your install root and version numbers may vary).
  2. Make sure there is a line reading 'RDILog=False' in this file, and make sure there is no line reading 'RDILog=True'. ('RDILog=True' will send the trace output to the RVD StdIO tab on the Output pane. The volume of data trace normally produces is usually too great, which causes RVD to hang.)
  3. After the line 'RDILog=False' add a line 'File=C:\raceoutput.trc' (you can use any existing folder for this).
  4. Connect to an RVISS target in RVD.
  5. Load an image.
  6. Type 'CEXPRESSION @rviss_log=0x10' at the RVD command line.
  7. All further RVISS activity is written to the trace output file you specified in 3.
  8. Type 'CEXPRESSION @rviss_log=0x0' at the RVD command line to disable trace.

For more information, including how to interpret the trace file, please see the Tracer documentation in the RealView® ARMulator® ISS User Guide, available from the ARM InfoCenter.

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