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How do I connect to a RTSM with RealView Debugger v3.1 ?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


To connect and debug an RTSM model using RealView Debugger you need to add the model connection to the debugger ‘Connection Control window’. Please follow the steps below:

1 – Add the RTSM models’ location to your path

For a default RVDS v3.1 Professional install, this path should be C:Program FilesARMRVPContents1.054 ools tsmwin32

2 – Add a new ISSM connection


Click the ‘Add’ button for the ISSM connection in the connection control window. This will add a new ISSM connection and bring up the model configuration dialog.

3 – Add RTSM models


 Click the ‘Browse…’ button and select the RTSM models’ path (use the same path as in step 1 above).

4 – Select and configure a specific RTSM model


Select the required RTSM model in the left hand dialog pane, and configure its properties in the right hand dialog pane and close the dialog

5 - Rename the ISSM connection


In the connection control window, right mouse click on the new ISSM connection and select ‘Rename Configuration’

6 - Connect to the RTSM model in RealView-Debugger using the connection control window.


You can now debug using the RTSM.

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Article last edited on: 2008-09-17 10:43:39

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