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PB1176 DIP switches - User Guide does not match the behaviour of my board

Applies to: PB1176


Some functional changes were made between build 3 and build 4 of the PB1176JZF-S FPGA, most notably the operation of DIP switches S7[3:1]. These select the memory device used at boot time.

The User Guide has been updated to reflect those changes. The latest version of the PB1176JZF-S user guide can be found here: Boards User Guides.

You should use the version of the user guide that is relevant for your programmed FPGA image:

FPGA Build FPGA Image first released on  User Guide version
3 Versatile CD-ROM v3.4 ARM DUI 0425A
4 Versatile CD-ROM v3.5 ARM DUI 0425B

The build number of the FPGA can be determined in several ways:

A) Read the version number from the 2x16 character LCD at boot time. This information is only displayed when the Boot Monitor program runs, which only happens if you have the DIP switches set to boot the board from NOR flash. Since it is the operation of the DIP switches which is in question here, this approach may lead to further confusion.

B) Re-program the FPGA image to a known version, using the Progcards utility and boardfiles supplied on the Versatile family CD-ROM. Alternatively, the download latest version of the FPGA image.

Article last edited on: 2009-01-20 17:53:48

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