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Progcards_rvi will not program the PB-A8

Applies to: PB-A8


[New 18-Jun-08]


Attempting to program logic devices on the PB-A8 baseboard using the Progcards executables supplied on the Versatile family CD-ROM v3.5 (or earlier) results in the following error message:

 Block erase failed (SR=0xA2)


Version 2.04 of the 'prog_engine_3_2' file supplied on the v3.5 CD-ROM does not correctly handle the type of flash memory used on the PB-A8 board.


Download the latest bundle of Progcards files from the ARM website and merge them into the PB-A8 'boardfiles' directory, allowing existing files to be overwritten. This will update prog_engine_3_2 to v2.05.

The prog_engine version will be displayed when you run progcards_rvi. First it displays the version of the progcards_rvi.exe file:

Progcards for RealView ICE, Version 2.04

After you select the RealView ICE unit to connect to, the prog_engine version is displayed:

You are using prog_engine_3_2 Version 2.05

Article last edited on: 2009-01-20 18:08:39

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